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Hella Tite 3 Liner

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
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Hella Tite 3 Liner
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The definitive tight 3 needle grouping. This grouping, made with three long taper #10 needles pulled very tight, nearly mimics a single when used with a light hand and grey wash. More importantly, it puts in incredibly clean lines and resists blow outs that often plague tight, and small needle groupings. This is not just my opinion and experience, but also shared with others who have used them with great occasion. Its amazing to use such a delicate needle and not sweat every line, anxious of blow outs. They also allow the user to end lines with perfectly diminishing weight by adjusting the needle depth. Amazing for delicate script, these also work great for those of you who like to do shading with really small needle groupings. These are absolutely THE BEST super tight grouped threes made.


Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
So dawgone good!!

Posted by David B. on Sep 9th 2018

But for real-Super consistent, great for fine line work,lettering,small details,etc. They make a more noticeable line then the hella fine 3’s(which are equivalent to like a single needle) so that’s nice. But yeah they rock. :fire:

Hella tight

Posted by Edward B. on Sep 6th 2018

The needles are vastly superior than any other company I’ve used in every way. However, the various needles that I use are out of stock more than half the time I attempt to order.

Best 3’s in the biz

Posted by Randal U. on Aug 31st 2018

Same look as a single, but in a 1/3 the time. With other brands I find myself changing out needles 3 or 4 hours in. With these bad boys I cruise through pieces with ease, and can count on the needle staying sharp. Great job gents!!!

hella tite liners

Posted by Lydia T. on Aug 15th 2018

Love them!

Da Best!

Posted by Brittany M. on Aug 13th 2018

Sooo good!!

Toooo good

Posted by Tyler L. on Aug 12th 2018

These needles are so consistent that I have begun to suspect black claw of alchemy. Great quality and totally worth every dime.

I like em

Posted by Justin P. on Aug 1st 2018

They’re sharp

Top notch

Posted by Randy K. on Jul 29th 2018

The best out there

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