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As career tattooers, we’ve learned what makes a good tattoo, and how to adjust our tools to get there. With over 25 years of experience, Grime has utilized his bag of tricks to create a cartridge that delivers better ink flow, better stability and optimum membrane tension.

Featuring an updated design and Black Claw’s signature 316L steel needles, we’re proud to now offer the world’s best cartridges.


Black Claw Cartridges

The Paragon of Needle Design

Effortless Pigment Flow
Unparalleled Liner Stability
Unmatched Quality Control
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Cartridge Design

Tattoo at Your Speed

We designed open face magnums for easy cleaning and high visibility - coloring all the way to the line with no blindspots. Our liners are oriented to maximize stability while increasing inkflow, allowing faster linework than with any other brand. Color coded bodies allow easy identification when changing groupings.

Cartridge Technology

Simple & Clean

A patented membrane keeps your machine free from contamination and back flow - and our unique grouping orientation is yet another industry first, meeting the highest exceptions of our peers.

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Cartridges Innovation

Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability always goes hand in hand with our industry leading quality and safety. We're proud to deliver sustainability-based innovation and a commitment to our environment while making the industry's best products.

100% compostable paper packaging
Made from sugar cane pulp. Black Claw’s industry first sugar cane tray is also laboratory tested to meet ASTM.
Nonprofit Donation
A portion of every box of cartridges will be donated to select environmental non profits supporting missions like ocean clean up.

Black Claw Cartridges

The Best Cartridge You'll Ever Use

As career tattooers, and members of the Tattoo Community, we spent over a year developing a cartridge we feel is worthy of the Black Claw name. Each Black Claw cartridge is handmade with our signature 316L surgical grade stainless steel needles to exacting specs, and scrutinized multiple times before being carefully placed in our 100% plastic free biodegradable packaging.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
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