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Hella Tite 3 Liner Cartridge

  • 20 cartridges per box
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Hella Tite 3 Liner Cartridge
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The definitive tight 3 needle grouping. This grouping, made with three long taper #10 needles pulled very tight, nearly mimics a single when used with a light hand and grey wash. More importantly, it puts in incredibly clean lines and resists blow outs that often plague tight, and small needle groupings. This is not just my opinion and experience, but also shared with others who have used them with great occasion. Its amazing to use such a delicate needle and not sweat every line, anxious of blow outs. They also allow the user to end lines with perfectly diminishing weight by adjusting the needle depth. Amazing for delicate script, these also work great for those of you who like to do shading with really small needle groupings. These are absolutely THE BEST super tight grouped threes made.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Love this Liner

Posted by Cei Lambert on Feb 15th 2021

This is one of my most used liners. I love it for delicate work and whip shading. Tattooing off the tip provides a look like a single needle liner, but without the shake and wobble. Consistent performance even with a larger project-- I can use a single cartridge for a 4 hour session with no loss of precision.

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