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Straight Bugpin 5 Liner

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  • Full Pack - 50 needles per box
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Straight Bugpin 5 Liner
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These Bugpin Straight liners are designed for the cleanest of lines. Being bugpins they deliver line weights below their numerical numbers but carry more ink- pretty sweet combo, eh? Did we mention they pull effortless lines and make them clean at the same time? They do.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality

Posted by Antonio B. on Aug 27th 2018

Nice & Snug & Solidly made needles! Black Claw has done it again!

Best needles

Posted by Giordano C. on Aug 20th 2018

I only use black claw thank you so much!

The best

Posted by Ryan P. on Aug 20th 2018

Still the best ever!

Straight Bugpin Liners

Posted by Alvaro F. on Aug 19th 2018

I like to use to line with Straight Liners, they are good needles. But in my last order I tried 9 & 11 Straight Bugpin Liners they are great, very easy to line with. Good quality needles!
Alvaro Flores

nothing better

Posted by Scott A. on Aug 14th 2018

so i was in a pinch and had to order some needles from a supplier, an actual reputable one, and wow I will make sure I do not end up in that situation again. The straight bugpin liners are hands down the best lining needles I have used. The pins perfection and the weight of the needle bar I like.

Straight bugpin liners

Posted by Clayton M. on Aug 6th 2018

These are such great needle groupings. They seem to be a little easier on the skin when using a hard liner machine. So consistent!!


Posted by Adam M. on Aug 2nd 2018

Good needles

Superb lines !

Posted by Mitchel B. on Jul 29th 2018

These with the correct machine and voltage delivery sharp quick lines with little effort to bang out that simple walk in tattoo or your daily style of art . Have been using 5s 7s 9s and each group is a step smaller than labeled which ia great for smaller deatils when running a 5 staright and 7s and 9s are great puprose needles for standard bangers !

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