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Straight Bugpin 5 Liner Cartridge

  • Full Pack - 20 cartridges per box
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Straight Bugpin 5 Liner Cartridge
Reviews [2]

These Bugpin Straight liners are designed for the cleanest of lines. Being bugpins they deliver line weights below their numerical numbers but carry more ink- pretty sweet combo, eh? Did we mention they pull effortless lines and make them clean at the same time? They do.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Excellent Liner for Everything

Posted by Cei Lambert on Feb 15th 2021

I use this liner for almost every tattoo. Great for most of my outlines, and awesome for whip shading. Works great every time. I've used a lot of cartridges where at least one per pack is broken or wonky, but I've never had any trouble with a single Black Claw cartridge.

Smooth as butter

Posted by Ryan Miller on Nov 11th 2020

Will order again and again

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