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Straight 7 Liner BIO Cartridge

  • Full Pack - 20 cartridges per box
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Straight 7 Liner BIO Cartridge

One of our most popular groupings, and for good reason. Not only are our needles made with the highest quality materials offered in the industry, but our Straight 7 rounds are made to rip through your work with ease. Laying in consistent, saturated lines and carrying ample ink to let you work, these are a staple in most our our users work, as well as our own. Soldered back enough to let the needles dance a little, eliminating a lot of the trauma of the process. The definitive straight 7 round is here. Smooth and versatile, the Straight 7 Liner is great for everything from large scale work, to one shot tattoos.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
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