Real Steel 5 Round Gripless Disposable Tube

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Real Steel 5 Round Gripless Disposable Tube
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  • Economical enough for single use, saving time and money
  • Doesn’t flex like plastic tubes
  • 1/2mm thin wall design provides unmatched precision, feels like the needle is directly connected to your hand
  • We have designed the tubes to err on the larger side of fitting the corresponding grouping as we feel ink flow is paramount.
  • Please sterilize before placing in your recycling bin

Posted by John S. on Dec 21st 2018



Posted by Edgar S. on Dec 20th 2018

These tubes are so awesome that it's a shame you have to throw them out. Will Continue to buy!

Disposable tubes

Posted by Anthony R. on Dec 16th 2018

These tubes are great! Comfortable with nice ink flow!!!

Steel disposabal tubes

Posted by Larry M. on Dec 11th 2018

I am always down to try something new. I Like the feel of these tubes better than plastic ones.Very impressed with the feel.

Great But pricy

Posted by Chelsea O. on Dec 10th 2018

The extended cork on the back of the grip is a game changer.

Simply the best

Posted by Theodire A. on Dec 3rd 2018

No way around it - the best disposable tubes you can use hands down.

great stuff

Posted by Andrew K. on Dec 3rd 2018

cant use anything else

My favorite

Posted by John C. on Dec 3rd 2018

Honestly have a hard time using anything but black claw since trying them.

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