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Hella Fine 3 Liner BIO Cartridge

  • Full Pack - 20 cartridges per box
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Hella Fine 3 Liner BIO Cartridge

Ok, I may have been untruthful when I claimed our Hella Tite 3 were almost like a single, because if that's true, our new Hella Fine 3 are a half single. These are the smallest and finest tight 3 I've ever used, seen, or heard of. They are insanely tight; to the naked eye they look like a single in the packs. These will give you the ultimate tight line when you need that line weight a hair bigger than an actual single, delivering more pigment but resisting blowouts. Looking for next level detail work? Grab some of these and rock em!

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
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