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Hella Smooth 11 Magnum Cartridge

  • Full Pack - 20 cartridges per box
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Hella Smooth 11 Magnum Cartridge
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I've been using these in smaller tats where I would traditionally use a 9 magnum long taper, and instead threw a Hella Smooth 11 mag in the same 9 mag tube and made the smoothest grey I have ever done. And it was easy. No kidding.

Signature 316L steel needles
Design Innovation
Industry Leading Quality
Best on the market

Posted by Jesse Barragan on Jul 8th 2020

These are truly amazing cartridges. The hella smooth 11 mag is really hella smooth! Great for black and gray as well as color. I was sold on the fact that they are USA made by some bad ass tattoo artists who focus on the highest quality, but they really perform as advertised too.
Thank you!

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